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    Conference 2020


    Health Systems; repositioning for COVID-19 era.


    1. Non-communicable disease care in the COVID-19 era
    2. Primary healthcare in emerging and re-emerging infections; a focus on Clinical   Medicine
    3. Primary healthcare; a path towards social justice, accountability and accreditation
    4. Technology as a solution in UHC
    5. Impact of COVID-19 towards the improvement of healthcare services and working habits among Healthcare workers
    6. Health systems and community responses to COVID-19
    7. Inter-professional education and team-based care

    Benefits of Attending the Conference

    1. All attendees will get 10 CPD points for attending
    2. All attendees will get a certificate of participation
    3. All attendees will get a soft copy of the presentation pack covering all presentations for future reference
    4. The knowledge to be shared through presentations is key in professional development
    5. All abstract presenters and physical delegates will get conference merchandise

    Conference Charges

    Registration type Availability Fee
    Physical delegates 50 slots only Ksh7,000.00
    Virtual delegates Unlimited slots Ksh2,000.00
    Students & Interns (Physical attendance) 10 slots only Ksh2,000.00
    Students & Interns (Virtual attendance) Unlimited slots Ksh500.00
    International delegates (Physical attendance) 2 slots only USD 100.00
    International delegates (Virtual attendance) Unlimited slots USD 30.00
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