22nd KCOA Annual Scientific Conference FAQs

    Hybrid Conference FAQs

    Question: When is the conference?

    Answer: On 18th and 19th November 2020.


    Question: What is a ‘Hybrid’ conference?

    Answer: This is a conference that combines a “live” in-person audience (in a conference center) with a “virtual” online (streaming the live event online).


    Question: Why a has KCOA adopted ‘Hybrid’ conference?

    Answer: The COVID-19 situation restricts meetings to a maximum of 200 pax. We require at least 50 abstract presenters in order to have a successful event. This leaves 100 slots for audience, since Crowne Plaza Hotel (the main physical venue) can only host 150 pax with adherence to the MOH guidelines. To give an opportunity for all to attend, we will stream the conference online. It is also cheaper and more convenient to attend virtually.


    Question: Will I stream the entire conference? Will that not be too cumbersome?

    Answer: KCOA has designed a conference application that will allow virtual audience to select the presentations they would like to stream from an e-program (contains links to each presentation). A single click link will grant you access to the particular presentation for streaming. This means you do not need to stream the entire conference.


    Question: How do I get the KCOA Conference application?

    Answer: This will be provided to those who pay the conference registration fee ONLY.


    Question: Can the application be shared by several individuals?

    Answer: No. The application is locked to the registered email and allows access to one person ONLY.


    Question: Will the virtual conference be interactive?

    Answer: Yes. Virtual audience will be able to see presenters and audience in the physical event, as well as the presentations. They will also participate through an open Q&A and CHAT.


    Question: Will virtual audience interact with Sponsors/exhibitors?

    Answer: Yes. The conference application has a ‘Sponsor Lounge’ where material will be posted for access by all audience. Sponsors will also make presentations that will be streamed live.


    Question: Will I get a certificate of attendance?

    Answer: Yes. All attendees will be issued with certificates after the conference.


    Question: Will I get CPD points for attending?

    Answer: Ten CPD points will be awarded to those who attend at least two-thirds of the conference. This will be measured electronically for both physical and virtual audience.


    Question: Where is the main physical venue?

    Answer: The main physical venue is at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Upperhill, Nairobi. This has 100 slots open to Clinical Officers on first-come-first-serve basis. We will also have a few Regional centers (with unlimited slots) where you can choose to attend a physical livestream and get a chance to socialize with colleagues.


    Question: What is a Regional Center?

    Answer: This is an alternative physical venue out of Nairobi. Audience in these centers will attend physically and stream the conference live. The main purpose is to enhance social interaction, as is a tradition for conferences.


    Question: How much are the charges for physical attendees?

    Answer: Ksh. 7,000. This covers conferencing and daytime meals, but does not cover accommodation and transport.


    Question: How much are the charges for virtual attendees?

    Answer: Ksh. 2,000. This covers streaming logistics and grants access to the conference application, but does not cover cost of data bundles.


    Question: How do I register and pay for the conference?

    Answer: Registration is done online and Payment made via MPesa. Visit https://bit.ly/37zfLsc to register.


    Question: Where can I get more information about the conference?

    Answer: Contact the Event Organizers on 0756373312 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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